What Happened to Small Talk?

A few weeks ago, while roaming through a Parisian bar, my eyes landed on a gorgeous lady whose natural beauty convinced me to introduce myself. Initially, I thought this would be a typical conversation where two strangers smile and act as if they care about what the other has to say. Well, I was wrong; there was nothing regular about this conversation – I got hit with a curve ball! I mean, I love the game of baseball and I’m somewhat pretty good at it; but this girl started the conversation with “you want to do more than just talk!”

Seriously, did you really just say that?

In my mind, this had to be a trick question with no right answer, but if I utter the right words, this conversation might last a little longer! I had to answer quickly, and at the same time, appear flawlessly calm. So I went with the original thought that sped through my mind when my eyes first landed on her.

“As a matter of fact, you are absolutely correct. Are you not pondering the same?”

I’m all about being honest from the start because I don’t want to find myself in a pool of lies; especially since I don’t know how to swim! Plus, if you are honest about a question like that, the girl doesn’t have to make assumptions about you being a liar. The logic is simple; if a woman is accusing you of something, she is not too far off. So I being honest and telling the truth is always the best advice.

At three in the morning, I had some time to waste, so I wanted to sugarcoat the whole thing, but she wasn’t interested in small talk. Now, I’m all into girls being straightforward, but don’t we still need to have some small talk?

Maybe I’m old fashion, but I’m still a fan of the five-minute let me get to know you conversation even though I know it will eventually lead me to an eventful night. At least for me, it makes the whole situation appear proper and acceptable. Okay, maybe some of you could care less about perception-but don’t you want a challenge to make the whole thing interesting? Small talk use to make these random rendezvous worth the sexual struggle between the sexes; it use to be fun! Furthermore, it brought an uncontrollable excitement that would make each other want to do crazy, lustful, and passionate things when we finally have the chance to exhaust our sexual beings.

I know time is of the essence, but can we get some excitement back into this game? I want to be able to say a stupid line like “let me see you smile so I can tell you how beautiful you are.” I want you to tell me that I’m foolish because I am and you like it! Being told the end of the movie has never been cool, and watching the movie even though you knew the end has never been exciting. Small talk is the spark that builds up the end. I like and want the rush that makes me want to be with you at the end of the night! If you are telling me that I already have what I want, then what’s the rush? You should just put your number in my phone and I’ll call you next week!

All I’m saying is that we both want the same thing, so why not tease me for a bit since we have some time to waste before leaving this place; but then again, maybe that’s just me; maybe I’m just old fashion.

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