A Guide to HDTV Antennas

The HDTV is the future of television. Not only does it remain a potent multimedia tool, but its versatility has grown by leaps and bounds with ever incarnation. Capable of displaying the highest quality 2D and 3D visuals, the HDTV has also incorporated functions such as Wi-Fi and expanded hardware and software support to further add to its unlimited potential.

But with all the ground breaking technologies being rolled out, it’s important to note that the modern HDTV has retained some needs found even in some of its oldest predecessors. One of these needs is for an HDTV antenna.

Now, why would my HDTV even need an antenna? One of the best reasons is free HD programming. That’s right, HD programming without CD’s or even cable or satellite feed. Aside from expanding your HD viewing options, you can enjoy major savings from your satellite or HDTV premiums.

Depending on location, many areas can have at least one free digital broadcast available, and all that’s needed to enjoy this absolutely free service is an HDTV antenna.

So, with all the products available in the market today, how do I know which HDTV antenna works for me? There are two general options for HDTV antennas, the indoor and outdoor. The use of these two major variants and several local factors such as distance from the transmission tower, obstacles, and variables in frequency and broadcasting should be taken into account. But there are certain types of both indoor and outdoor antennas that will generally work well for most areas.

The indoor HDTV antenna should be the first and best choice for most homes. Not only does it provide easy installation, but it also does the job well aside from being relatively cheaper that it’s outdoor counterpart. The modern HDTV antenna has also evolved leaps and bounds in terms of style with most using a more modern and streamlined design apart from minimizing necessary wire length. The biggest downside to the indoor antenna though is its shorter range of around 25-35 miles.

Problems of excessive distance with transmission towers are addressed by the outdoor HDTV antenna which has substantially higher range capability. However, apart from the increased cost of the product, there is also the fee and personnel needed to accommodate its proper installation. These qualified antenna installers also make sure that your investment is weather resistant and properly secured. And if the outdoor HDTV antenna still isn’t enough to get the job done, it may be necessary for products such as HDTV amplifiers which boosts and strengthens signal to get the best reception.

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