Food For A Picnic On The Go

Sometimes you may have weeks to plan a picnic, sometimes you may automatically decide to enjoy a meal in a beautiful outdoor setting. If you do the latter, you will not have time to pay for regular picnic; you will need something quick, easy and fun. Here are a few tips for finding a simple picnic lunch.

Box lunch

Lunch is one of the best options when it comes to a simple picnic meal. Cheap and easy, boxed lunch is sold at most grocery stores and groceries. Not only are they delicious, but they often include many different options, such as sandwiches, salads, cookie drinks, etc. Another great advantage of box lunch is their versatility, which allows you to carry a variety of foods in one box.

Lunch, a popular lunch package sold at grocery stores, is a great way to dine on your kids’ trips.

Great salad

Large salad is another easy picnic meal. Whether you choose a salad bar in your grocery store or a luxury restaurant, a salad is always a great picnic option. Homemade salad bars allow you to pile up your desired ingredients, turning your salad into an airy meal. Yes, getting adequate vegetable care is also good for your health.

A plate of fruit

Many stores have a mix of mixed fruits and these pre-prepared fruit bowls are another easy picnic food idea. If you do not find the fruit you want, just make your own fruit bowl by buying your favorite fruit separately and mixing them together. Add cheese if you want to add spices.

Crackers and cheese

It is not much easier than crackers and cheese on a picnic. Whether you like spray-on cheddar or wish to spread peppercorn, a good portion of crackers and cheese is always a solid picnic.


Find a few at your favorite coffee shop for any desired spread. Just remember that if you ask for cream cheese on the side, you will need to have a knife with you.

Chocolate or candy

Chocolate or candy is another great way to have a simple picnic lunch. If you have extra money and are trying to promote a picnic romance, consider picking up a box of rotten gourmet chocolate. Or, if you are on a budget, you can also grab a M&M bag or some sweets.

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