Taking the Boat to Paradise

An increasing number of luxury yachts roam Thailand to enjoy the beautiful, dense and coastal islands of this region. Speaking of seaside resorts, Europe and the Caribbean have long dominated the luxury cruise ship, and an amazing collection of sails and cruise ships now floating in the Mediterranean waters jumping among the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea year-round. . Over the past few years, however, winds have been blowing in and out of Asia, especially Thailand, where the magnificent ocean remains undetected, allowing boat owners and charter tourists to experience some of the amazing marine life and marine life. planet, uninterrupted.

The Andaman Islands in Phuket and the Gulf of Thailand around Koh Samui are among the most beautiful in the world, and with the selection of marinas available to yacht owners and rental companies to support their vessels, the choice of available cruises is available. those looking for an incomparable boating vacation are many. As global wealth shifts to the East, the number of Asian boat buyers is growing and foreign migrants based in places like Hong Kong and Singapore also typically benefit from Thailand’s tourist attractions, often including private luxury travel and leisure time. of many state private resorts.

A recent trend among the High Net Worth Individuals in the world is that their private boat is transported by cargo to Asia, where they then stop for a long time, so that crews can sail to their chosen destination before joining for a long time. to some of the most beautiful places in the region. Although Phuket attracts many ships to Thailand, be it permanent or as a tourist destination in the Andaman Sea, Koh Samui’s appeal as a luxury boat destination is also growing rapidly. The island is easily accessible by large ships from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and the annual Samui Regatta attracts even boats as far away as Australia.

The waters of the Thai Gulf are much safer than the open seas to the western part of the Thai peninsula and thus offer tranquility and comfort for most of the year. The captains have a wonderful selection of places, often left by sailors, and because of the favorable coastal environment, the lack of marina is easily overcome as they manage to settle in one of the many protected ports in the Thai Gulf. Koh Samui is an excellent base for sailing as despite its small size, the island now has many complex facilities and services, with regular daily flights to and from major international destinations in Asia. The island’s reputation as a boutique for tourists living in private homes also means it is an ideal choice for a glamorous holiday in the world and at sea. In places such as Villa Riva, on the undamaged north coast of Samui, visitors can enjoy the luxury of modern convenience, and take a ferry ride to the islands near national parks. Coming back as a sun-soaked day at the beach, Villa Riva visitors can enjoy a wide range of amenities including infinity beach view, spa area and private cinema.

Speaking of seaside, the waters from Koh Samui are easily matched to the world attractions and an attractive selection of day trips and long walks. The uninhabited islands of Angthong National Marine Park (the site of Alex Garland’s famous novel The Beach), travel an hour-long boat ride, while Koh Phangan and its famous Full Moon Party are even closer. For people who love to walk underwater, Koh Tao is known as a divers’ playground, with plenty of places to explore, boasting a wide variety of marine animals including everything from puffer fish to whale sharks, all of which are attracted by its high underwater appearance and colorful corals. equipment. In the north of the Thai Gulf, Koh Chang and the small islands bordering Cambodia are among the cleanest and most accessible by sea. Lower souls may enjoy a day-long voyage to and from their toilet, and stop occasionally to swim and play snorkel in many of the region’s most secluded places.

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