How to Plan a Fantastic Greenland Vacation

Visiting Greenland and Travel Agents can be very effective and cheap, as local agents know what to do and how to deal with visas and other laws. They can offer better prices for local hotels and cheaper airfare.

Greenland is one of the rarest regions in the world in terms of tourism. The discovery of the island by Europeans is associated with many myths and legends. According to one of them, the first European to set foot on this planet was the legendary Viking Erik the Red, who made his unprecedented march to the west in the 9th century AD.

According to some legends, the inhabitants of Iceland discovered Greenland as they are said to have lived on the east coast of the island in the 2nd century AD. Greenland could have arrived Irish monks brought to the region by a powerful storm or a strong desire to escape the war of interfaith Europe.

Currently, Greenland is one of the few places in the world to be affected by human activity. It is an ideal location for both extreme forms of recreation and sports, as well as eco-tourism. The vast expanse of tundra, the beautiful coastline with its fjords, pristine beaches, and glaciers create year-round opportunities for skiing, skiing, and skiing. The unique nature combined with the unique culture attracts many visitors.

Located on the west coast of Greenland, on a small peninsula at the foot of Mount Sermitsiak, the city of Nuuk is one of the smallest cities in the world. The population there is not less than 14,000 people. Nuuk was established as the first city on the island. Much of the capital’s history is centered on the Greenland National Museum in the old part of the city. This unique collection covers the island history of four and a half thousand years. There is an extensive exhibition of traditional goods and vehicles, including a variety of dog sleds, kayaks, traditional tools, handicrafts and handicrafts. There is also the National Archives with a large collection of documents and artifacts.

The city of Julianskhob is located on the southern edge of the peninsula south of Nuuk. It is a clean and pleasant city, a large port on the south side of the island in a seat between two mountains. With only 3.5 thousand inhabitants, the city is the southernmost tip of the country and is well worth a summer visit, where the neighbor is literally covered with wildflowers. The city’s pride is the source of the square town, the only one in Greenland, adorned with bronze plates bearing the city’s criminal records. The fountain square is surrounded by a wall of colonial period buildings, which are considered to be the best preserved examples of this period in the country.

Upernavik is a town within the fjords of Baffin Bay north of the Arctic Circle. It is one of the northernmost cities in the world. It is a beautiful place, but it is cruel.

Kulusuk is a small island off the east coast of Greenland, but many believe it is the best place to get acquainted with the island for the first time. The international airport makes it easily accessible from Reykjavik. Kulusuk leaves the view of a small village clinging to a rocky island just above sea level glistening with numerous icebergs. Many local people still live by hunting. Kulusuk remains without Western influence, despite the constant influx of tourists. The islanders regularly plan tourist trips and organize kayaking and dance classes.

Umanak Mountain is a beautiful natural creation of stunning natural beauty with very unusual colors. The southern part of the island is similar to the Norwegian fjords. This is a real Mecca for fans of outdoor activities and dangerous sports. Hiking travelers will find many interesting places here, suitable for even experienced athletes.

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