Take Charge of Your Life and Your Relationships

If you seem to be turning every decision on her these days, it may be time to reaffirm your authority and control your relationship with your health.

It often happens that, when a woman is involved with a man in control, she often puts her life in her hands and loses her independence and a sense of identity. If this happens to you, read the following to learn how to regain control of your life.

Limit his access to you

Managing people saves their energy by taking up most of your time. Give yourself time. Find a new hobby or a job that you do not include and give yourself time to pursue it. This will allow you to go back and look at your relationship and decide if it really works for you.

If you let your boyfriend continue to dominate your life, you will eventually start to resent him for it. Moving away from time to time will help you figure out what you can do to make the relationship more mutual – or when it’s time to move on.

Take your load

If you have empowered someone to take control of your life, you will need to restart the responsibility to make your own decisions. It may be easy to answer all the decisions for him, but it does not make for a healthy relationship. Resist the urge to say “to you” when deciding what to do, for example. It does him no good – it is a loss of control.

Set certain limits

Look at where you gave him a lot of control and set some limits to limit his future control. Find ways to let him know kindly but firmly that he is no longer in control of your life and that from now on the relationship will be a double standard. He may choose to go to someone he can really control, but you have to accept that if you want to regain your dignity.

Learn to say no

Look at some of your relationships and learn to say no when people try to take advantage of you. It is the only way you can control and control your life.

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