Is Teenage Love Destined to Be?

If it were possible to go back and do everything, as a child, but with the wisdom we have as adults, it could change, and it could ruin the whole growth experience.

There is no equivalent experience with outcome information. If they knew exactly what to do, or direction in any situation, they would always be in the same position. We would not grow up and as a result, we would not have the idea that we would miss out on making mistakes and learning new ways of doing things.

When teens love each other, everyone calls it puppy love. One of the reasons called puppy love is that people who feel deep emotions they call love, are not yet fully grown; it is therefore assumed that this version of what they hear will be nothing but a immature version of the real thing.

Anyone who thinks that being in love at a young age is wrong or really unloving must have forgotten what it is like to be young, in love, or both; Being in love sounds so good and so much fun in the sixties as it happens in sixteen years. The only real difference between finding a romantic relationship is that the relationship between the two of you will end, and if it does, the resulting pain will be felt by one or both people, very confusing and frightening.

Teenagers tend to have intense feelings of attraction to the opposite sex. Their attention is drawn to communication and intimacy with the same people who, a few years ago, were disgusted with them. Nothing will ever change that fact; but the way it is handled will determine whether it ends up being good or bad.

Teen love can be fun, loving, pure, beautiful. It can also cause damage, be dangerous, confusing and heartbreaking. The way young people, who have never broken their hearts, is in love with an unloving attitude. But it is also one that puts young ones at risk for themselves and their future if they are not careful.

There is no way to say for sure how long a relationship will last, or if the person we choose as the person with whom we will spend our lives, but the problems are very much in conflict with the relationship that lasts between young people. . This does not mean that they should not be pursued, or pursued. They should be taken with certain criteria that will help determine how far they are intended to go before they know where they are going. Adding sex to a little love will make it harder and can give the impression that now the relationship should last, or everything will be lost.

To prevent what should be a good and memorable thing, from turning into a sad memory with scars, it is best to keep sex outside of it, and keep it as innocent as possible. If it is intended to last a long time, it will result in sex being introduced now, or a few years from now. If it seems that abstinence will end, there is a good chance that it will end with or without sex. All love is meant to be, some is not meant to last.

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