Women, Is This a Mistake You’re Making in Your Relationship?

He’s with that special person and you think he probably is. He could be Mr. Right now or I hope that Mr. Suitable for Long-haul. It’s nice to be in a relationship and finally have a man. She sighs now that you no longer need to go to another wedding with your cousin or your mother asking when you will have grandchildren you can tell her now that you and your boyfriend are talking. You feel proud of being “us” and you’re no longer at the table in one place.

However, as I am happy for you that you are now in a relationship it is likely that sooner or later you will make the big mistakes that most women make when they are involved in a relationship. And I say most women, because women are usually the ones who complain about their husbands or boyfriends who seem indifferent to setting the time for a relationship. Although some men also enter the same category as other women and this also applies to them. In the event that you are in a non-traditional relationship this also applies to you or your partner depending on who is at fault.

What is the biggest mistake most of you women make in your relationships? Well, most of you have your own identity in your life and you are not happily married while looking for a relationship. However, it appears that he withdrew his identity from the loan while waiting for Mr. Right and as soon as you meet him you enter into a relationship you return your identity to the bank as it was a loan. In relationships you focus on them: What do you want? How do you feel? Where are you going? Who are you going with? What do you think? Do you want to be with me? Do you love me? Will we be together for a long time? Hold on, finally the question “we”. Secondly there seemed to be no “us”. Yes, I am facetious. Why, because there is still no “you” in any of these questions. It’s just a bet you ask yourself the same questions you ask. He changes the word “he” to the word “I”. Yes, she wonders if she wants this, if she loves it enough to get married and have children. This is where the problem and the cause of women make the biggest mistake in their relationships.

Ladies, unless you are her visiting doctor, it is not your responsibility to think like her or to know what she wants in a relationship unless she says so. That is his job. Any mature and responsible adult man will know what he wants and does not need a woman to consider it. It is actually an insult to anyone to try and consider you when you are able to think for yourself. When a woman begins to think like a man or a man she gives the man a place to think for himself. If you think like him and what is he left to do? You will find that you have become so desperate for a relationship that you will try to fix it and thus leave him empty-handed but will show that you are happy again or that you will shut up.

In these types of unhealthy relationships there is always one person who is willing to do anything with the relationship. Women are the ones who are organized to support their husbands and to stand by them. Women have been taught from an early age about the relationships they saw as children between their parents that they should suffer because of their relationships and should understand their husband. However, men have found a different system that does not change until they realize that their behavior and thinking are immature and they both need to change, finding that they will always suffer because of their relationship.

So women will always suffer because of their relationships until they learn to build their own identity and stop needing a man to define them. There are a lot of women who complain about the insensitivity, selfishness, selfishness and immorality of their husbands or boyfriends. A woman is often confused because her partner is giving her signs that she wants a relationship with him, but when she responds positively she backs away. This gives the woman two reactions at the same time. She is happy that she finally shows interest, but at the same time she withdraws. So he sticks to trying to be patient and understanding. Based on his plans he will conclude that he is probably afraid to like it but it also leaves him confused especially when he has been in this merry-go-round. Maybe you are that woman. However, as you do all your thinking and try to understand him, who is thinking like you and thinking about you? Obviously not because he is the reason why you think like him and think about him in the first place.

Most women if not all have a unique relationship with the word “selfishness”. I truly believe that after learning that Mom and Dad “selfishness” is the first word we learned its meaning before we learned how to say it. I’m sure the men read the word, but only when they looked up the dictionary or when they found the word in a book. Women on the other hand were surprised to find that the word selfish was also present in the dictionary. They thought it was a woman thing. Women are taught that pretty, well-behaved girls should not be selfish. They should share their toys, clothing, food and anything else that belongs to them. The weather does not allow for noise. They were reminded and reminded that they must learn to share with others. When the sharing started there was calm and the little girls were left without their favorite toys. This is not to say that young boys were not taught how to share, but not to the extent that they should give up their favorite G-I Joe or Gameboys to their friends. Messages received by women, including what their mothers and other women did, were brought to adulthood. But instead of giving up his favorite toy, he now sacrifices himself for the sake of his relationship.

Being in a relationship is not about changing who you are to be like someone else, rather it is about two mature people coming together to share their lives with each other. You should still have friends you can go out with so you can go out at night without men every once in a while. You should also spend time alone meditating and meditating. Your spouse should also spend time with his or her friends and time alone. Yes, there should be a great deal of trust and respect between the two of you.

Never give up on who you are in your relationship. When you make a serious commitment to keep your relationship strong, it is time to rethink your priorities. When a relationship ends now you are lost and you are struggling to find it. You forget the things you used to do because you sacrificed for the sake of your relationship. Your friends have disappeared because your relationship took up all your time and they had no husband so you could no longer associate with them.

If you are not old enough to work for yourself when you are not married, which means having a better relationship with you, money and life, then you are not ready to get married or have any kind of relationship. If you think that getting married you should stop doing the things you used to do when you were single then you are not ready to get married. Marriage is not the first place to grow up. It is also not the place to find out who you are. That should be done before marriage. Marriage is when two people continue to grow together. Many people consider marriage to be a wonderful thing to do if they are not called Mr. & Mrs. So & So.

Getting married is fun when you consider marriage and everything. But it is part of marriage that causes people to stumble. Failure to work individually before marriage will create many problems in a marriage where there are now two people with a set of two different problems. So for you, whether single or married or male or female, give yourself time to develop yourself and your interests. Manage your finances, learn to save, learn about investing and learn about buying a home even when you are not in the market to buy it. Most importantly, learn to love yourself and take care of yourself before entering into a relationship. So instead of losing yourself by chasing after your spouse trying to figure out what is wrong you will be better equipped to recognize as soon as you are unhappy in the relationship and thus take steps to correct it or be strong enough to leave if the relationship no longer works.

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