Improving Your Cooking

Cooking is more than just a chore. It can be a very fulfilling experience. When you make a meal you are putting your work and your concentration into something, and with just the right amount of experience, equipment, and ingredients can make something fairly magical.

Anybody can learn to make themselves at least a few nice meals and it is irrelevant whether you prefer to eat simple or have a complicated palette. The key to eating well is you knowing what to do with what you’ve got.

How can you expect to learn how food is supposed to taste when all you do is scarf it down? When you eat your meals, savor every bite. Just because something is hot off the grill or freshly baked from the oven doesn’t mean it needs immediate ingestion. Observe it. See how it was prepared; look at the spices on it, the color, and the texture of the cut. Bite it and let the flavor stay for a bit before you wash it down with a drink. Take note the freshness of ingredients. Try and replicate this.

Make sure when you cook that your major kitchen appliances are working properly. Know how to use them or learn how to if you still feel worried. The better you can control things like heat on electric or gas ranges the better the results you will get. Become comfortable timing meals. Are you familiar with all the special features? Some of the more professional grade brands like Viking and Wolf kitchen appliances will have special settings for the type of meals you intend to make, and may make setting temperatures easier. While you’re at it get yourself some good kitchenware: mixing bowls, measuring cups for both dry and liquids, whisks, cutting boards, stainless steel knives, etc. A better equipped kitchen will make cooking easier.

Also, be alright with a few failures. Not every meal is going to be a winner. Even if you do own the world’s greatest refrigerator, sometimes you just will not be pleased with a cut of meat you bought or the less than crisp leaves of a cabbage you sliced. You need to learn from the mistakes and figure out your preferences and those of the people you serve to learn what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes you will overcook or undercook and have to make up for it later in the microwave. Things happen but part of the journey is adapting.

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