Pizza Makes a Great Family Meal

Pizza has become a staple of the typical American diet. It is, perhaps, the only completely customizable meal. From crust options to toppings, you can have your pizza exactly how you want it. For this reason, it is perfect for family meals where you have to please everyone: the meat eater, the vegetarian, and the traditionalist.

Meat eaters typically love to load their pizzas with bacon, sausage, ground beef, ham and pepperoni. Add a little sauce and cheese and you have a pie that would please even the pickiest of carnivores. Since these types of pies are so filling, they usually go a long way (unless you have a famished crowd or are feeding a football team). Combine one of these with some breadsticks and soda for a perfect Friday night with the family.

Vegetarians are certainly not left out when it comes to the pizza phenomenon. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, garlic, broccoli, tomatoes and pineapple are all favorite vegetarian toppings. Vegetarians certainly do not have to sacrifice taste when it comes to their pizzas. Breadsticks and soda also go well with these types of pies, but do not hesitate to offer a salad too!

Traditionalists love their pepperoni and cheese combination, and rarely choose anything else. You could also put the “cheese only” crowd under this classification too. Most children start out with just cheese and move on to pepperoni, and why not? It’s a pleasing combination that tastes great at just about every pizzeria.

One thing that you will have to consider regardless of topping is the type of crust that you prefer. Some pizzerias offer only one type of crust, while others allow you to choose between different thicknesses. Do not be afraid to try different crust and topping combinations in your search for the perfect pie!

Now that you can see that everyone can be pleased with a meal from a pizzeria, you can start planning that next fabulous family night. Keep in mind that you do not have to eat out to enjoy the wonderful, authentic taste. Most pizzerias offer carryout and delivery so you can enjoy their menu at home.

When planning to serve a crowd, you will want to plan approximately two slices per person. Obviously, this will need to be adjusted if you are serving more men than women, and if you are serving more children than adults. Also, if you are serving breadsticks and salad you may not need as many pizzas. Make sure you plan for adequate beverages, too.

Enjoy your pizzas with your family. Few other dinners will please everyone and taste great at the same time. It is portable, kid-friendly and can be ready with a simple phone call. Family dinners do not get much simpler than that.

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