Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Wound Healing

There are several conditions that will benefit greatly from hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Normal wound healing might be impeded in certain conditions. This makes the patient a good candidate to undergo oxygen treatment. People with diabetes who are suffering from complications on their skin will require oxygen treatment to help improve oxygen supply on the affected areas.

Bacterial skin infections caused by aerobic or anaerobic organisms might also need this procedure. There might be parts of the skin and tissues which are already necrotized. The introduction of oxygen into these parts will bring them a lot of benefits.

There may be no need for this procedure for those who have minor and superficial wounds. This procedure might only truly show its effectiveness in situations where oxygen supply into the tissues is depleted. The growth of infectious agent is potentiated by states of hypoxia or of low oxygen levels. With the introduction of mild hyperbaric chambers, growth of bacteria is inhibited and the body’s natural mechanisms against infection are activated. When there is a limitation in the proliferation of bacteria, toxins that are produced are also lowered. In time, the body will be able to fight off the infection and regain its normal state of health. When antibiotics are given to the patient, their effects will be further enhanced by hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

When undergoing this procedure, the patient is placed inside a chamber. The chamber may fit several people or it may be able to accommodate only a single person.

The need for oxygen treatment and the type of chamber to be used might depend on availability of resources. However, the condition of the patient is also taken into account.

Even if the infection or the wound is on the extremities or on a particular part of the body only, the whole body needs to be exposed to oxygen and placed in the chamber. With this, it is important that you are aware of the potential side effects of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

When the patient has a pre-existing heart condition, he or she should take several precautions before going through this procedure. Mild hyperbaric chambers may be used in order to prevent complications like a decreased heart rate and a decreased cardiac output. In order to be sure, ask your health provider before you undergo this procedure. Be sure to inform them of your health condition so that necessary precautions may be implemented.

Those who have access to a hyperbaric chamber may be limited. Not all hospitals have this equipment. Also, there may only be a few clinics which offer this service. Most developed countries may have this in several health agencies. If you and your doctor think that this procedure is necessary for the treatment of your medical condition, you may need to search far and wide to take advantage of what hyperbaric oxygen therapy can give to you.

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